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Vibrators for women, Massage Vibrator type and usage guide. Female vibrator and wand massager sex toys .

Vibrators for women in India ?

Vibrators for women in India ?

Female vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys which women used during the sexual activity, for stimulation. Some of the vibrator are also use to massage the body part. With the help of the vibrator massager, women also massage their intimate area. There are varieties of female vibrator are available in the market. Different types of vibrator are used to stimulate the different body part. Female also use the vibrator during masturbation. Magic wand vibrators as well.

The women vibrator are made with varieties of materials like silicone, rubber, cyber skin, plastics etc. Vibrators are also available in different color, shape and size. Vibrator are of different types. Some vibrator are batter operator, some are USB rechargeable, where as some vibrator are electrical, AC powered vibrator. It depends on women which types of vibrator they prefer for sexual activity. Women can easily purchase any of the vibrator which fit their life style.

Now a day, it becomes very easy for anyone to purchase the sex toys. There are many e-commerce sites which sold the sex toys. Women can easily purchase the sex toys from shop or from e-commerce site. Many women does not feel comfortable to purchase the women vibrator from shop. So they can purchase the women vibrator from online store.

What is Vibrators for women ?

What is Vibrators for women ?

As we have discuses above, women vibrator are of different types and styles. The different types of vibrator which women used during sexual activity are :

Clit stimulation vibrator

These types of vibrator are especially design to stimulate the women clitoris. The vibrator which is used to stimulate the clitoris is also called the mini vibrator. Women can easily handle these vibrator. Women use these vibrator alone or with the partners.

Internal stimulation vibration

These types of vibrator is generally used for penetration pleasure. The vibrator which is used for penetration has life waterproof specification. So it becomes easier for women to clean it after the sexual activity. The internal stimulation vibrator is little larger when compare to other vibrator and are available in different shape, size and color. These types of vibration is used for both anal as well as vaginal penetration.

Dual stimulation vibration

The dual stimulation vibrator is used to stimulate the G spot and clitoris. It is design in such a manner that at the same time it stimulate the G spot as well as clitoris. These types of vibrator is only used for vaginal penetration. It provides pleasure feeling during sexual penetration or masturbation.

How to use and care ?

How to use and care ?

Before using the vibrator women should check whether the battery of vibrator is working properly or not, if it is a battery operator. If the vibrator is USB rechargeable, then fully recharge it. Women can also use different types of lubricant to reduce the friction. Women also apply some drop of lubricant on the surface of the vibrator.

If the vibrator is internal or dual stimulation vibrator then insert it slowly, so that it does not hurt the women. If the vibrator is clit vibrator then apply it on the clitoris for stimulation. Most of the vibrating toys have different types of vibration pattern and speed. Women should always start the vibration pattern with low speed and then gradually increase the speed.

After the sexual activity, it is important for women to clean the vibrator properly. To clean the vibrator women use water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid. If the vibrator is made with silicone material then avoid using the silicone based lubricant. After the sexual activity, it is necessary for women to remove the battery from battery case, if women leave the battery in the battery case then there is possibility that the motor will burn.