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Indian magic wand, which is the most popular magic wand? Female massager vibrator sex toys

What is Indian magic wand ?

What is Indian magic wand ?

Magic wand is unisex adult toys which are used by men, women, gay or lesbian. In early days, it is used as a massager which helps to relief muscles pain. But now a day, the magic wand is more popular as sex toys.

Most of the people in India use the magic wand as a massager vibrators as well as sex toys. In India different varieties of the magic wand are available. The magic wand is available in different shape, size, texture and style. Most of the magic wand is made of silicone, plastic or ABS. In India, people can easily purchase the magic wand from a shop. A magic wand is easily available in many medical stores. But Indian people are very shy nature.

They feel embarrassed while going to the shop and purchase the sex toys. So most of the people in India purchase the sex toys from the online store. There are many e-commerce sites which sold the magic wand. People can easily purchase the magic wand from an online store.

In India, people use the magic wand to massage their body part or to stimulate the intimate area. With the help of a magic, wand people massage their neck, thighs, shoulder, arms, breast, nipple, intimate area and another body part. A magic wand is one of the favourite sex toys of a couple, which help them to stimulate the intimate area and increase the sexual pleasure. It also helps couple by increasing the excitement in sex.

During the sexual activity, magic wand increase the level of excitement. The couple also uses a condom with the magic wand. During sexual activity, if couple applies the condom on the magic wand, then it does not get dirty and it becomes easier for a couple to clean it after the sexual activity.

Couple also use different types of lubricant with it. Most of the magic wand has different types of vibration pattern and speed. During sexual activity, a couple can easily change the vibration pattern and speed. A magic wand is of different types, some are wired whereas some are wired less. A couple uses the magic wand in oral or foreplay also.

Which is the most popular magic wand ?

Which is the most popular magic wand ?

In India varieties of the magic wand is available. Some of the magic wands are battery operator whereas some are USB rechargeable. In the USB rechargeable, the charging cables are included with the pack of magic wand vibrator. Some of the battery operator vibrator have included the battery with the packet of a magic wand. It depends on a couple which types of magic wand they prefer. The magic wand which is most popular in India are :

Rechargeable magic wand vibrator

The magic wand which is rechargeable is the most popular in India. Once it is full recharge, a couple can easily use it for minimum 30 minutes. Rechargeable magic wand vibrator is very easy to use and handle. Some of the rechargeable magic wand vibrators are used for both internal as well as external stimulation for more pleasant feeling. The magic wand which is used for an internal stimulation provides deep and strong penetration.

Electric magic wand vibrator

Couple use the electric magic wand as a massager or as sex toys. People also use the electric magic wand vibrator to satisfy their sexual need. Some of the electric magic wand vibrators are available with 5,000 to 6,000 vibrations per minutes, which is very powerful.

It also has varieties of vibration pattern and speed which couple can easily control during sexual activity or masturbation. Electric magic wand vibrator does not have the life waterproof specification, so couple should not to use the water to clean the magic wand vibrator.

There is much more magic wand are available on the market. Each magic wand has varieties of function. A couple can select any of the magic wands according to their sexual need.